We would like to thank the Academy…

…For this Golden Globe.


Okay, the first line was our Project Manager’s idea. We can blame it on her sheer joy, because VCS was just awarded “Best Advertising Company” at the Golden Globe Awards for Business Excellence!

Check out more photos below:



We’re truly grateful and honored to be considered as a company that excels in its business practices, product and service quality, and business management. :)

To all those we’ve worked with and learned from; and of course to our ever-supportive family and friends, we share this honor with you. :)

This video introduces the different categories of BMAP’s Bank Marketing Awards.

The Bank Marketing Association of the Philippines or BMAP is an organization of banking institutions which seeks to upgrade the practice of bank marketing in the country.

BMAP was organized on February 27, 1974. It was duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on August 19, 1974 as a non-stock, non-profit organization. It has grown into a membership of some 46 banking institutions over the last 25 years.

Client: Bank Marketing Association of the Philippines
Creative Agency and Production House: Vitalstrats Creative Solutions

Client: Sumo Sam Group
Agency and Production House: Vitalstrats Creative Solutions

Check out Sumo Sam through this video that we made for them. We truly enjoyed working on this project — not to mention the unlimited Jap food that we had during the shoot :) :) :)

We, Vitalstrats Creative Solutions, are marking our 10th year with the launch of our new logo!

10 years of continuing growth
10 years of creative flow
10 years of challenging milestones

We thank those who trusted us
Who challenged our minds
Who propelled us to innovation
Who gave us the spirit to learn
Who believed in our creativity
Who encouraged us to go beyond our limits
Who pushed us to do something more
Who enabled us to get from our comfort zones to our courage zones.

We look forward to working with you for the next 10 years and beyond.



inTENse @ 10!

Our Operations Manager, @teejai #vcswhiteboardart #vcsturns10

Our whiteboard art for the day :) 062814

Happy 10th Anniversary, Vitalstrats Creative Solutions! :) #vcsturns10 #vcsinTENse (at Vitalstrats Creative Solutions)

The NEW Vitalstrats Creative Solutions #vcsturns10

We made the boring powerpoint presentations exciting by creating hologram elements :)

We impressed the audience with a stage hologram presentation in the Brain Summit. This is a new and innovative way of getting our clients’ messages across their target markets :)

Our stage hologram content for the ongoing Mead Johnson 360 Brain Summit :) #vcsturns10

Graphics and Animation by Vitalstrats Creative Solutions

We’re very excited to be participating in the Digital Asia Expo and Conference 2014 - ongoing right now at the SMX Convention Center! If you’re in the area, drop by our booth and share your thoughts on our VCS Dreamboard! See you! :)

Vitalstrats supports Philippine Marketing Association’s Asian Marketing Congress

Celebrating its 60th anniversary in 2014, the Philippine Marketing Association ushers in an era of unprecedented ASEAN cooperation and a new era of marketing brilliance through the first Asian Marketing Congress to be held on July 15-16, 2014 at the Philippine International Convention Center.

With the first ever Asian Marketing Congress, the PMA fosters an era of cooperation within the region in light of the ongoing ASEAN Economic Collaboration. Rather than scaring Filipino marketing practitioners, the PMA wants to stress the positives that the ASEAN Economic Collaboration has been bringing.

One of the most credible and respected organizations in ASEAN, the entry of the Asian Marketing Federation into this event gives further evidence on how critical cooperation within the region will be in the years to come. Industries with case studies relevant to marketers such as those in telecommunications, banking, retail, and real estate will be among those featured in the Congress. From topics such as launching and promoting Filipino brands across Southeast Asia, to how brands in ASEAN countries can cooperate to become global contenders, the Congress aims to foster an exchange of knowledge and promote fraternity across the region.

Since 1954, the PMA has been guided principally by the universal principles of ethics, corporate citizenship, and corporate social responsibility in the Philippine setting. The PMA serves as a policy-making and recommendatory arm of the government on marketing-related issues. As the PMA celebrates 60 years of existence, this diamond jubilee celebration will allow the association to show off its different facets, like a diamond with its many sides.

Video and Animation: Vitalstrats Creative Solutions
Logo: Bluethumb
Script: Geiser Maclang